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PHONE BUDDIES WANTED to support Sufi sisters & brothers during this crisis. Helping community members overcome isolation and disconnection. If you feel called to and have time to reach out to people on a regular basis or want to be connected: Email:

JOIN PIR SHABDA AND THE SUFI RUHANIAT COMMUNITY online again in 2 weeks, on Saturday, April 18th
11:00 am Pacific (2:00 pm Eastern)

Click or tap this link to join us on April 18th to automatically load or update the Zoom app if needed, and connect. Takes just a few minutes, no cost to you. You can also join using telephone only, (669) 900-6833, Meeting ID: 670 959 7865

RECORDING OF OUR PREVIOUS GATHERING: Video of April 4th Zoomcast with Pir Shabda & Friends

Webmaster's comments:


Shock, fear and panic come and go. Are they so real? Here Murshid Tansen quotes Murshid SAM on epidemics, mental contagion and the thought of self.

Please take care of yourself, try to stay present, and listen to your guiding wisdom. Sufi events may be canceled over the next few months. (I will try to keep this web site up to date). For inspiration, maybe watch a Sufi video (scroll down). Prayer and spiritual practice are of great value right now, whether alone or in groups. Consider how much you want to be close to others, hold hands or embrace right now. But watch out for fear, or the thought of self.

♥ In the DHO, hand-washing is given as a spiritual practice! Try it -- scrub with soap, for the time it takes to recite the Healing Prayer, slowly and thoughtfully. Be well!

♥ CANCELLATIONS: All gatherings at Khankah SAM are on hold. Most large indoor Sufi gstherings in the foreseeable future must be postponed until this is over, and God knows (!) how long that will be -- or what our lives might be like post-COVID19. Nothing will be the same, that's for sure.

MURSHID SAADI WRITES: For those of us able to do so, we might consider this a time of khilvat, spiritual retreat, as much as possible. We can find ways to deepen our service to our friends, family and neighbours. We can strengthen our connections with our personal Sufi sangha online, through the Zoom groups that some of us are using.(To find out about some of these, consider joining this email group -- SHB.)
Murshid Saadi continues: read more/less
In planning your own local gatherings, please consider that, depending on your circumstances, self-isolation and social distancing are likely to be the only effective ways to help the community in your area, especially for those over 60 and who have health issues.

Neither fear nor complacency can help us here. Fear takes us out of the present into an imagined future based on our own anxieties. Complacency keeps us stuck in the past--"things have always worked doing what I'm doing, so they will continue to be fine..." The heart (qalaba) needs to be free to change, to turn--the meaning of the word. The nafs tends to want to cling, this is also a natural human state of affairs, but one that we can resist.

Reconnecting to Source and considering others takes us out of ripely in Yeshua's words. Instead of fear, we can cultivate connected caution (taqwa). Instead of complacency, resting in present-tense Reality (rida). Ya Haqq! In Yeshua's words "neither forgetful not unripe."

Let's affirm that we will eat, pray and dance together again as soon as possible. Inshallah!

Love and blessings, Saadi

East Bay Sufi Camp News: Thanks Ramananda! we got our results from the lottery! Save the Date: East Bay Sufi Camp 2020 is scheduled for August 8/28-8/30

Weekly Sufi Beach Walks in the footsteps of Joe & Guin Miller, with Vivian and Hayat -- 11am every Thursday @ Judah & La Playa. Meet inside Java Beach Cafe (for more info call ahead at 415 931-9963; or 510 450-0450)

VIDEO: Dances of Universal Peace Anniversary (8 min)


Unicorn Dancing Spirit Camp (23 min) NEW from the UK Invitation to the Dance: Dances of Universal Peace (22 min) from the Canyonlands Camp by Dennis Roshay "Eat, Dance and Pray" (1:13) by Anahata Iradah -- MURSHID SAM, HIK AND THE DANCES of Universal Peace. Click here for more inspiring Sufi videos.
  • More camps, workshops and retreats on
  • The complete MURSHID SAM ARCHIVES are newly online, at So grateful for the astounding amount of loving and devoted work that has gone on so quietly, for all these years -- to make SAM's writings and other content available to all of us. One feels blessed by just visiting the archive!

    In Sufi practices, and particularly Sufi healing practices, our intention is to touch and manifest divine qualities which are always living within us. The Universe is filled with healing power! About the Sufi Healing Circle: read more/less

    Murshid Samuel Lewis often quoted Sufi Al-Ghazzali, saying "Sufism is based on experience and not on premises." So in our healing circles are experiential, using breath, sound, contemplation and prayer to open and experience hidden treasures such as purification, compassion and healing power which are in our True Nature; and we perform the Absent Healing ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan to send healing light to others.

    If you are in serious need of healing yourself it might not be appropriate to participate in our circle until you're improved. Please call or write to the host, to discuss your needs and preferences. If you are absent, with your permission we can add your name to the list and send the Shaffea (healing power) out to you when we meet.

    ♥ Healing Circle every Sunday morning in San Francisco (see
    ♥ In Corte Madera at the Garden of Allah: 1st and 3rd Mondays 5:30pm for tea, 6:00pm healing ritual begins (doors close). Contact for details, directions and all information
    ♥ Three (3) East Bay Healing Circles every month. Info on events list.
    ♥ Sebastopol Healing Circle now TWICE a month: at Ananda's home, at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month, and at Abdul Shafee's the 3rd Tuesday, also 7:00. Please call for address and any questions or requests. Phone 707-484-0573 or 505-470-6977.
    ♥ Sufi Healing Service & Class in Santa Rosa, third Thursdays of the month at 11am. "There is a great need for healing in the world at this time. We are beset with natural disasters and incredible violence. Please RSVP (space is limited) for address and directions." Phone Mahdiah at (707) 806-2933 or email

    ♥ Web sites on beloved contemporary Sufi masters TO VISIT:

  • Murshid Wali Ali's weekly Thursday Dharma night classes in SF are now available online, with teachings and practices of Murshid SAM's Zen teacher, Sokei-an Sasaki. Recordings available or attend in person.
  • Highly recommended by your webmaster: Illuminating the Shadow, a NEW BOOK by and about Pir Moineddin, leader of SRI for over 3 decades, his amazing, inspiring life story and his teachings.
  • Poet Tamam Kahn's recent book, Fatima's Touch -- bringing forward this important woman, known and loved in the Islamic world -- a Finalist for the National Book Award. To order a copy at a reduced rate, or to read launch notes from the author, please click here.

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    • For weekly devotional singing with Devi Mathieu in Santa Rosa, visit Through the Ear to the Heart. Monday evenings 7-8:30 p.m. except July 2; December 17, 24, 31 2018
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