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NEW VIDEO: Dances of Universal Peace Anniversary (8 min)


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♥ IT'S BACK! Save the date for the East Bay Sufi Camp next year: Sept 27-29 2019! Huge gratitude to Sadaya and Tao and Heather and Ramamanda and friends and the sky and the meadow and the entire universe for making it so. Details later. AND ... don't forget our 45th Annual Mendocino Sufi Camp July 14–21, 2019   ♥ Weekly Sufi Beach Walks in the footsteps of Joe & Guin Miller, with Vivian and Hayat -- 11a every Thursday @ Judah & La Playa. Meet inside Java Beach Cafe (for more info call ahead at 415 931-9963; or 510 450-0450)
  Saturday December 15, 2018 11:00 am - 1:00 pm PST Join Pir Shabda Kahn in an ONLINE ZOOM Mureeds Gathering honoring the Winter Solstice and Rumi's Urs: "Making Friends with Life, Making Friends with Death". Join Pir Shabda and the world-wide family ONLINE via 'Zoom'. Use any device -- phone, tablet or computer -- that can connect you with your email and the Internet! (REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE) About this Event Join us in this ONLINE Mureeds Gathering in service to open-hearted souls on our Mystical Path of Awakening. As we approach the Winter Solstice & celebrate Rumi's Urs, we continue to anchor love and light during the holidays. Read more
The December Mureeds gathering will include chant, practice, teachings, and a new feature - small breakout groups using 'ZOOM rooms' to meet new beloveds & discuss the teachings. REGISTER: Suggested donation of $10.00 - $25.00 or Free. We appreciate your contribution to support technology costs and the honoring of Pir Shabda's teachings. No one turned away. Once you register, we will send you the log in information. You will receive a recording of audio and video. Direct any questions to our Event Coordinator, Christine Stevens (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  ♥ Dreams, The Journey of the Soul, & The Spirit of Guidance in San Francisco, a non-residential Sufi workshop with Sheikha Azima Lila Forest -- Dec 14th-16th at Khankah SAM. Follow this link for details and registration    Read more
What amazing times we live in! And we were born to be here now. Each of us has a place in the momentous events taking place. Our dreams can help us to understand why we are here and what we are to do, and give us strength and inspiration to carry out our mission. And so also with the Oracles. If we allow the Spirit of Guidance to speak to us through them, wonderful and often surprising wisdom and insight come to us. Historically, dream work has been important in the Sufi tradition since its very beginnings. In this retreat, we will explore dreams together; each dream told becomes a dream within each participant, and we all benefit from the work. We will interweave this work with enrichment from the Tarot and the I Ching. Friday 14 - Sunday 16 December 2018 Khankah SAM, San Francisco This retreat will be guided by Sheikha Azima Lila Forest, with 40 years’ experience working with dreams, Tarot, and I Ching. For more information: email hidden; JavaScript is required, 575-574-780 5. $66 —$101, sliding scale
♥ December 16th in Berkeley: Sema of Wonder - the Ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes. (Guests are invited to participate in Unity Zikr immediately following.) IN JANUARY: A CELEBRATION OF THE 48TH URS OF MURSHID SAMUEL L. LEWIS Tuesday, January 15, 2019 7:00 p.m. THE WALLER CENTER, 1525 Waller Street, San Francisco Click to read more details about the Urs
Waller Center is near GG park and the Panhandle - about getting there Hosted by: Pir Shabda Kahn & friends -- music, dances, stories, ice cream Suggested Donation ~ $20 ~ gratefully accepted to cover the rental For Information: email hidden; JavaScript is required or at call (707) 217-5623 CARPOOLING ENCOURAGED; ALLOW TIME FOR PARKING -- OR TAKE MUNI: Parking is available at the Waller Center lot as well as street parking – read the signs carefully.
♥CALIFORNIA WINTERLY Dance retreat in San Luis Obispo, Jan 18-21 with Abraham and Halima Sussman, Yarrow Nelson and Brenda Nur Latifa Crane. Read more, register here. ARAMAIC EASTER RETREAT with Murshid Saadi (Neil Douglas-Klotz) in Sonoma County next April -- 4/18-21/19.


Unicorn Dancing Spirit Camp (23 min) NEW from the UK Invitation to the Dance: Dances of Universal Peace (22 min) from the Canyonlands Camp by Dennis Roshay "Eat, Dance and Pray" (1:13) by Anahata Iradah -- MURSHID SAM, HIK AND THE DANCES of Universal Peace
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  • The complete MURSHID SAM ARCHIVES are newly online, at So grateful for the astounding amount of loving and devoted work that has gone on so quietly, for all these years -- to make SAM's writings and other content available to all of us. One feels blessed by just visiting the archive!
  • Devotional music of all kinds, everywhere in our area can be found on Bhavani's list email hidden; JavaScript is required. Sent out with love every week. If it feeds you, please consider clicking the donate link on the list email you will receive.
    ♥ Healing Circle every Sunday morning in San Francisco (see
    ♥ Three (3) East Bay Healing Circles every month. Info on events list.
    ♥ Sebastopol Healing Circle at Ananda's home, at 7:00 pm the last Tuesday of each month. Please call for address and any questions or requests. Phone 505-470-6977.
    ♥ Sufi Healing Service & Class in Santa Rosa, third Thursdays of the month at 11am. "There is a great need for healing in the world at this time. We are beset with natural disasters and incredible violence. Please RSVP (space is limited) for address and directions." Phone Mahdiah at (707) 806-2933 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • Murshid Wali Ali's weekly Thursday Dharma night classes in SF are now available online, with teachings and practices of Murshid SAM's Zen teacher, Sokei-an Sasaki. Recordings available or attend in person.
  • Wonderful meditative VIDEO on the dervish Turn
  • Highly recommended by your webmaster: Illuminating the Shadow, a NEW BOOK by and about Pir Moineddin, leader of SRI for over 3 decades, his amazing, inspiring life story and his teachings.
  • Poet Tamam Kahn's recent book, Fatima's Touch -- bringing forward this important woman, known and loved in the Islamic world -- a Finalist for the National Book Award. To order a copy at a reduced rate, or to read launch notes from the author, please click here.

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    IN UNISON WITH THE WILL OF GOD, WE WILL TO HAVE PEACE.      SRI Universal Peace Meditation: 12 noon daily 11x
    In unison with the will of God, we will to have Peace is created and maintained in beautiful Sebastopol, by Howard "Abdul Shafee" Ballinger (email hidden; JavaScript is required)