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  • Dances of Universal Peace and Healing Circles | Hurkalya Day with Taj Inayat | Book release event w/ Tamam | Joe Miller Christmas walk | Urs of Murshid SAM. For details see list on the right ⇒ Joe Miller Thanksgiving walk | Fragrance of the Rose Zikr | Dances of Universal Peace and Healing Circles | Hurkalya Day with Taj Inayat | Book release event w/ Tamam | Joe Miller Christmas walk | Urs of Mushid SAM Jan 15th. View events schedule here.
  • Book release, stories & poetry: Famous Forgotten Women
    From poet/author Tamam Kahn: "On Friday December 9 at 7:30 I will launch my new book, Fatima’s Touch: Poems and Stories of the Prophet’s Daughter (Ruhaniat Press, 2016) at the beautiful Edgehill Mansion on the Dominican Campus in San Rafael. Because her story is almost completely unknown, and FATIMA is a famous, beloved woman in many countries in the world, I want to tell her stories, and share them with those of another famous forgotten woman, Charmain London, a Sonoma County legend, wife of writer Jack London. Iris Jamahl Dunkle, the current Poet Laureate of Sonoma County has just finished a biography on Charmain London and will share the evening with me. Please join us!"
  • Hurkalya Day with Taj Inayat & friends 12/3
  • Joe Miller Christmas Day walk Dec 25th, 11 AM. Gather at 11 sharp at Strybing Arboretum entrance. Details here.
  • New Years Workshop with Gayan Macher and Himayat Inayati Becoming Ever More Alive⛢. Petaluma Dec 31st through New Years Day.
    For centuries the Sufis have been in a dialogue about the need for will power and effort in spiritual development as well as being present while allowing awakening to occur naturally on its own. The implications of this conversation turn out to be critical. As we proceed on the journey skillful practice becomes subtle and more important. In this New Year’s retreat we will continue this conversation. We will follow in the twelfth century footsteps of Shahbuddin Suhrawardi who coined the name and introduced the practice of knowing through presence, a practice made possible in the faculty of the subtle heart
  • 2017 Sufi Sesshin retreat (near Petaluma) will take place January 6 - 13 2017. Online registration is open now! (BTW the 2016 Sufi Sesshin filled up early!)
  • The URS CELEBRATION OF MURSHID SAM will take place the evening of January 15th at Dominican University, Guzman Hall in San Rafael, with Pir Shabda & friends. This is always such a joyous gathering, of new and old travelers on the Path. All are welcome. By donation. Our beloved Pir Shabda and friends will lead. Read more.
  • The popular Mexico Sufi Camp with Atum and Asha, at a beautiful modern retreat on the beach near Puerto Vallarta, will take place January 7-14 2017.
"Stay together, friends. Don't scatter and fall asleep. Our friendship is made of being awake" ~ Rumi

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  • For weekly devotional singing with Devi Mathieu in Santa Rosa, also monthly in Marin, visit
  • Sacramento Dances of Universal Peace web page.
  • Find out about Sufi classes online-- some free or at low cost

  • double-imageJust in, a new book from poet Tamam Kahn, "Fatima's Touch: Poems and Stories of the Prophet’s Daughter" (Ruhaniat Press, SF, 2016). "This is daring poetry that tries to examine and heal some of the great spiritual and political divides." ~ Coleman Barks. More info and how to order here

    Joe Miller

    Joe Miller

    About Joe Miller -- a 5-minute video by Anahata. Who was this one-of-a-kind, wise, energetic, humble and funny guy who inspired and taught so many of us? (More about Joe & Guin)
    IN UNISON WITH THE WILL OF GOD, WE WILL TO HAVE PEACE.      SRI Universal Peace Meditation: 12 noon daily 11x
    In unison with the will of God, we will to have Peace is created and maintained in beautiful Sebastopol, by Howard "Abdul Shafee" Ballinger (email hidden; JavaScript is required)