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ANNOUNCEMENTS as of Oct. 12th 2017;   (Get email reminders)

    SANTA ROSA AREA FIRES: Some members of our Sufi family have had to evacuate, but to the best of our knowledge none have been injured. Some have lost their homes, or are waiting to find out. We hold them in compassionate love. Check the interactive map here if you like, and Watch the OurSobhet Yahoo group for more updates.
  • I took a few photos at the East Bay Sufi Camp-out last month -- click/tap here to see them. If you took some also email hidden; JavaScript is required.

    Violetta writes, Dearest Dancers

    We are very sorry to let you know that we’ve come to the understanding that rescheduling our Dancing Hearts Retreat is the safest and sanest option we have at this point. With the great peril that so many in the fire stricken area have been enduring, we are reminded again of just how blessed we are and how precious this life is, so we don’t want to run the risk of endangering anyone. Of course, we’re going to dearly miss praying and dancing with all of you and sharing the rich blessing of our time together, but we’re willing to reschedule our gathering when conditions are kinder. The good news is that fortunately Grace Marie has rebooked with us for our April 20-22, 2018 DHR and we will celebrate then!

    So we can either refund your payment or if you are planning on attending our rescheduled Dancing Hearts Retreat with Grace Marie in April 2018 and want to leave it on deposit, that’s also an option. Please let Vio know your preference by contacting her at email hidden; JavaScript is required

    Meanwhile, let’s keep our prayers and love flowing,

    The Dancing Hearts Retreat Board

  • Nov 4-5 in Nevada City: Transformation: Grapes into Wine with Allaudin Ottinger. View gorgeous flyer here. Sufi Teachings, Dances of Universal Peace Music, Meditation, Nature, Sufi Zikr Intensive. Following the Sufi Path. listening, Visioning... Transformation comes with every breath. Allaudin Ottinger is a musician and a senior teacher in the Ruhaniat. In Nevada City, CA (see details on the flyer). Register soon!
  • January 2018 Mexico Sufi Camp with Asha and Atum, follow the link to learn more and register.
  • February (!) 2018: The Northern California Sufi Sesshin retreat, an inspired mix of sitting silent mediation and active practices (Dances of Universal Peace, walking concentrations and zikr) ~ usually held in January, next year will begin Feb 23rd. Registration is open online now.
  • More camps, workshops and retreats on
  • The Dargah (Shrine) of Murshid SAM, original leader of the Sufi Ruhaniat and the Dances of Universal Peace, was dedicated and celebrated last month. Read more and view photos on Pir Shabda's blog.
  • CHANGED: The Sebastopol area Sufi Healing Circle will be meeting this autumn at the Sebastopol home of Ananda Magee, at 7:00 pm on the fourth Tuesdays of the month -- next meeting Oct 24th. Ananda is an experienced conductor of the healing ritual. Please call for address and any questions or requests. Phone 505-470-6977.
  • Devotional music of all kinds, everywhere in our area can be found on Bhavani's list email hidden; JavaScript is required. Sent out with love every week. If it feeds you, please consider clicking the donate link on the list email you will receive.
  1. Please consider a generous donation to the crowd-fund which has been created to cover Gaiatree's rent etc during her absence. Click to go there.
  2. Murshid Wali Ali's weekly Dharma night classes are now available online, with teachings and practices of Murshid SAM's Zen teacher, Sokei-an Sasaki.
  3. Video "Eat, Dance and Pray" by Anahata Iradah -- about MURSHID SAM AND THE DANCES of Universal Peace
  4. Wonderful meditative VIDEO on the dervish Turn
  5. Highly recommended by your webmaster: Illuminating the Shadow, a NEW BOOK by and about Pir Moineddin, leader of SRI for over 3 decades, his amazing, inspiring life story and his teachings.
  6. Poet Tamam Kahn's recent book, Fatima's Touch -- bringing forward this important woman, known and loved in the Islamic world -- is an Finalist for the National Book Award. To order a copy at a reduced rate, or to read launch notes from the author, please click here.

  • NOW on our site: Area Sufi events in Alameda, Santa Cruz and San Francisco in the top bar menu (or for smaller screens, the ☰ menu symbol).
  • For weekly devotional singing with Devi Mathieu in Santa Rosa, also monthly in Marin, visit
  • NEW Sacramento Dances of Universal Peace web page.
  • Find out about Sufi classes online-- some free or at low cost

IN UNISON WITH THE WILL OF GOD, WE WILL TO HAVE PEACE.      SRI Universal Peace Meditation: 12 noon daily 11x
In unison with the will of God, we will to have Peace is created and maintained in beautiful Sebastopol, by Howard "Abdul Shafee" Ballinger (email hidden; JavaScript is required) l