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  1. Giving back to Gaiatree: After so many years as a bright light in our spiritual community, Gaiatree is finally free to reunite with her family in the UK for a short time. A crowd-fund has been created to cover her rent during her absence.Click to go there.
  2. Murshid Wali Ali's weekly Dharma night classes are now available online, with teachings and practices of Murshid SAM's Zen teacher, Sokei-an Sasaki.
  3. Video "Eat, Dance and Pray" by Anahata Iradah -- about MURSHID SAM AND THE DANCES of Universal Peace
  4. ONGOING ONLINE SEMINAR, A Taste of Sufism with Murshid Kiran
  5. Wonderful meditative VIDEO on the dervish Turn
  6. Highly recommended by your webmaster: Illuminating the Shadow, a NEW BOOK by and about Pir Moineddin, leader of SRI for over 3 decades, his amazing, inspiring life story and his teachings.
  7. The Dargah or shrine of Murshid SAM, at Lama Foundation in New Mexico, is nearing completion and will be dedicated and blessed at a retreat on the mountain in August. View photos and information.

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  • SUMMER SCHEDULES: The Sebastopol Zikr held usually by Muiz and Gaiatree will not be held in July or August. Gaiatree doesn't know yet when she'll return from the UK, but we anticipate monthly zikrs from September 12th onward. Watch for the announcement!
  • June 24th in Berkeley: Gospel Zikr with Perry
  • Allaudin Mathieu's 80th birthday concerts July 6th, 7th & 8th in rural Sebastopol. Read description and info here. Allaudin is a musician's musician, a composer, author, story-teller, teacher and performer. A mureed of Murshid SAM, he founded & directed the original Sufi Choir. See our event listings for reservations info & details.
  • The fabulous, much-loved Sufi qawwali band Fanna fi-Allah will be back in our area and will be sharing their authentic, high-energy devotional music Saturday, July 8 at 7 pm, at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa. Read more and/or buy tickets here.
  • Rooms now available at new Sufi house in Corte Madera
  • SUMMER SUFI CAMPS -- save the dates and be present!


Poet Tamam Kahn's recent book, Fatima's Touch -- bringing forward this important woman, known and loved in the Islamic world -- is an Award-winning Finalist for this prestigious honor. To order a copy at a reduced rate, or to read launch notes from the author, please click here.

  • NOW on our site: Area Sufi events in Alameda, Santa Cruz and San Francisco in the top bar menu (or for smaller screens, the ☰ menu symbol).
  • For weekly devotional singing with Devi Mathieu in Santa Rosa, also monthly in Marin, visit
  • NEW Sacramento Dances of Universal Peace web page.
  • Find out about Sufi classes online-- some free or at low cost

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