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  1. Video "Eat, Dance and Pray" by Anahata Iradah -- about Murshid SAM and the Dances of Universal Peace
  2. ONGOING ONLINE SEMINAR, A Taste of Sufism with Murshid Kiran
  3. Wonderful meditative VIDEO on the dervish Turn
  4. Highly recommended by your webmaster: Illuminating the Shadow, a NEW BOOK by and about Pir Moineddin, leader of SRI for over 3 decades, his incredible, inspiring life story and his teachings.

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    • This week: Dharma Class in SF – Healing Circles in Sebastopol and the East Bay – Pir Shabda's zikr in San Rafael – Berkeley dance meeting. See our Events List.
    • Dancing Hearts Retreat: The Healing Heart of Spring: in nearby Geyserville April 28-30, 2017. We invite you to join us for our annual springtime retreat of spiritual renewal, and the rejuvenation of our Dancing Hearts community at Isis Oasis. Join us in sacred circle as we honor the manifest multiplicity of creation as the Dance of the Divine. Compete information & registration here.
    • Islamic Ramadan retreat with Imam Bilal June 9 - 12. Guided by quiet meditation and fasting in the sacred month of Ramadan, we will immerse ourselves into the Breath of Infinite Compassion, the five stages of the Illuminated Prayer, and the silent fast of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Details here
    • In the Valley: Dances of Universal Peace: Celebrating the Divine Mother May 13th 10:00-4:00 in Elk Grove, near Sacramento.
    • Memorial Celebration Jun 10th in Albany for Sri Karunamayee.
    • June 24th in Berkeley: Gospel Zikr with Perry
    • Rooms now available at new Sufi house in Corte Madera
    • SUMMER SUFI CAMPS -- save the dates and be present!
    "Stay together, friends. Don't scatter and fall asleep. Our friendship is made of being awake" ~ Rumi

    • NOW on our site: Area Sufi events in Alameda, Santa Cruz and San Francisco in the top bar menu (or for smaller screens, the ☰ menu symbol).
    • For weekly devotional singing with Devi Mathieu in Santa Rosa, also monthly in Marin, visit
    • NEW Sacramento Dances of Universal Peace web page.
    • Find out about Sufi classes online-- some free or at low cost

    IN UNISON WITH THE WILL OF GOD, WE WILL TO HAVE PEACE.      SRI Universal Peace Meditation: 12 noon daily 11x
    In unison with the will of God, we will to have Peace is created and maintained in beautiful Sebastopol, by Howard "Abdul Shafee" Ballinger (email hidden; JavaScript is required)