Subject: The Hurkalya Center and New Rain
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The Hurkalya Center and New Rain

The Hurkalya Center 

Offering New Rain, Attunements, Taj's Retreats,  Gayan's events,
and other Center activities. 

December 2021
Beloved Friends on the Path, 

It is a profound blessing to be travelers on this path of awakening and to have the inspiration and guidance of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan as we navigate this time of great upheaval and change in our world. 

The Hurkalya Center and its online presence as New Rain have been a source of refuge for many of us. They provide a sacred space where we come together to deepen our relationship with the Divine, receive inspiration for our spiritual practice, and acquire the support we need to live an authentic, awakened life in harmony with and in service to others.  

As we deepen our individual spiritual practice, attune with kindred seekers, and unite with the forces of goodwill in the world, we are participating in the birthing of the new consciousness that is arising as an answer to the cry of humanity today.

Pir Vilayat Khan and Taj Inayat founded the Hurkalya Center in the seventies in San Anselmo, California, as an affiliate center of the then Sufi Order, now the Inayatiyya. Decades later, the Hurkalya Center continues with Taj as its spiritual director. In 2014, the Hurkalya Center launched a series of programs called New Rain. Taught by Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher, New Rain programs are flourishing and drawing participants from all over the world. 

The global pandemic halted our in-person offerings at the Hurkalya Center and necessitated transitioning to an online format. The gift that came with this change is that it fostered our growth as a global community of seekers. Together, we serve the awake interconnected presence that is emerging and growing throughout the world. Hazrat Inayat Khan sensed this coming reality and called it The Universel.

Most of you reading this letter have participated in some of the many programs and events that the Hurkalya Center has offered over the years, including its New Rain programs, and have found them deeply nurturing, supportive, and transformative.

In the coming year, the Hurkalya Center will continue to offer a rich array of spiritual trainings, seminars, inner guidance groups, classes, and retreats including the following:
  • Thursday Attunements:  A weekly half-hour attunement, offered free of charge, led alternately by Taj or Gayan.
  • New Rain Online:  An ongoing web-based class, taught by Taj and Gayan, that includes a monthly presentation and twice weekly tips to support daily practice. This is a subscription-based class. 
  • Hurkalya Day, Cultivating Spiritual Practice: A morning or full day devoted to teaching and spiritual practice led by Taj. 
  • Individual and Group Silent Retreats led by Taj. 
  • Inner Guidance Groups and Retreats led by Gayan. 
  • The Annual New Rain Retreat led by Taj and Gayan.
  • Message Classes: A series of classes exploring the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, led by Habibullah Rogers and other guest teachers, offered free of charge.
For more information about our offerings visit or email

We are reaching out to ask for your support of the Hurkalya Center by giving to our year-end appeal. With our online presence, we are no longer collecting annual dues as we did in the past. We depend on donations to sustain our Center and support our offerings throughout the year. Your contributions help cover the operating costs of the Center and its programs, including web design, program development and maintenance, equipment and software, maintenance of our archives, among other things.

As the Hurkalya Center expands, so does the funding needed for the development and implementation of our programs. Some of the projects we have lined up in  2022 are: Redesigning the website, developing new programs, publishing the New Rain Online bi-weekly tips in a booklet format, purchasing audio and recording equipment, and purchasing software to facilitate the transcription and ultimate publication of Taj’s teachings, etc. 

If you are able to donate, a gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated. The Hurkalya Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID #68-0397368) and donations are tax deductible per United States IRS guidelines. To donate, please use this link: 

If you prefer to send a donation via check, please make checks payable to Sufi Order Hurkalya, write ‘Donation to Hurkalya Center’ in the memo, and mail to our bookkeeper, Gulbadan:  Mary Ann Vila, 1220 Val Vista Street, Sheridan, WY 82801. Please include your full name, address, email, and phone number with your check. 

We are deeply grateful for your kind generosity and gifts of support. Your donations are vital to us in our work to preserve the legacy of Hazrat Inayat Khan and spread the Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty far and wide.

May light envelop you and be a beacon on your path Toward the One. 

With love,
Qayima Rogers

On behalf of the Hurkalya Center Board of Directors:
Mary Shaffea Bartley, Ardvisura Carol Griffin, Sani Hiley, Vakil Kuner, Qayima Rogers, Habibullah Rogers, and Khushi Tanveer.