Subject: Pls support Alvin who lost his homestead, and his Big Ridge gofundme Fire Fund
From: Melissa Weaver <>
Date: 9/4/2020, 7:18 PM
To: Melissa Weaver <>

Dear friends, I have very sad news to report re Alvin Greenfield's home which burned to the ground in the recent fires. If you feel inspired, please share this email and/or the gofundme link with your friends and groups, esp your dance, DUP or Sufi groups. No amount is too great or too small....together we will make a difference for him.

Thank for supporting our dear friend who has given so, so much to our community for so many years!  Peace, Melissa

Our dear 82 year young at heart friend Alvin and his beloved Susanna watched from a nearby ridge as all they held dear was consumed by the recent fires. He built his beautiful, expansive rustic home and adjacent structures w his own blood, sweat n tears over the past 40 or so years, on a magnificent sanctuary ridge in Healdsburg.

So many beloveds gathered for there for retreats over the course of several sing and dance and feast and commune with Nature and each other in the name of Love, the Sacred Holy One, the Goddess Divine and the 99 names of Allah.

So many beautiful gardens, so much beauty, magic and life gone in the snap of a finger, just like that, lost in one great puff of smoke.

I asked him how I could support him at this present time, and threw out and txted him what I thought were a coupla of brilliant ideas. Here was his most humble reply - in the form of a poem by Marie Sabinas:

ps. Shortly thereafter, Alvin agreed for me to organize a gofundme campaign to support him with getting back on his feet, rebuilding his life and getting much needed necessities and healing support.

So, if you feel inspired by his story or would like to look at the before and after pics of his homestead please click on his gofundme link below, and consider making a donation - no amt is too great or too small,together we will make a big difference!