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Dance of the Soul Tarot ~ Readings with Sabura Meyer

The High Priestess. The Magician. The Star -- the Tarot cards sit there across lifetimes. They're sitting here right now in the middle of this pandemic. And they'll be sitting here when it's over. Unchanging, mutable as the moment. These archetypes, these Major Arcana cards, are not asking for our understanding. They're beyond that kind of dualism, existing outside of time and space, eternally. They're asking for our presence, for our unmitigated attention.

Wherever you go, there you are, they say. They resist interpretation. That is their point. They're not here for us to grasp and pin down with the stasis of meaning. Rather we are their point of entry, we are where they begin to live and breathe and know themselves more fully. They need our attention, our presence, our questions, our confusion. They need our devotion to self awareness. They're portals to knowledge and wisdom that is ours to embody, waiting for us to begin a conversation with the grace that is asking for us by name. And suddenly our relationship with them moves from cardstock on the table to a living transmission.

I am currently open for Tarot readings as a way to begin, or deepen, this dialogue with soul. I work via email and Zoom and I offer a sliding scale fee. If you are interested in learning more I can be reached at sabura@marinsufis.com