Subject: Today: Tapping zikr---Remember, Revitalize, and Replenish (corrected)
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Date: 11/17/2020, 8:25 AM
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Today: Tapping zikr---Remember, Revitalize, and Replenish (corrected)
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Dear Treasured Community of East Bay Sufi Camp and The Berkeley Dances, 

Hope you can come out for a brief hour and pray, tap, and sing all at the same time with us for a powerful infusion of bliss producing practice.

and meanwhile...

Wishing you all the very very best in this weekly call to prayer.
In austerity, may you find abundance,
in challenge, may you discover creative new strength,
in grounding may you unfold hidden wings,
in confusion, may you see serene clarity
in distance, may you know love and connection that is always and endless
in darkness, the birth of new life
In darkness, the inner light that is ceaseless regardless of season

*Hope you like my picture collage. I have been lately on a whole angel theme.

May you and yours be Well,
                May you Be Happy, and
                                        May you Have Peace
Sarvamangalum--Happiness for Everyone.

The Tapping Zikr!  ❤

I have now accumulated more individual tapping patterns for more songs than can be done in a single session! last time, per request, I spent more time on individual ones and we got so beautifully into the lusciousness of it that time flew super fast! every session is unique with its own flow and selection.

Re: this new evolving practice:
Tapping zikr is a way to do a delicious kind of multitask and optimize all sorts of benefits. We tap on acupoints from Emotional Freedom Techniques, a kind of acupressure for mental health while we do spoken and melodic zikr. The acupoints sooth the nervous system and provide help with any stress, trauma, pain, anxiety and more.

 Zikr is a sufi practice of chanting/singing certain traditional phrases to invoke remembrance we are in essence never separate from the One, that we are part of that Divine reality of love; that Love is fundamentally who we are.

A side bonus is some body percussion! 

Please note you do not have to understand anything I said to thoroughly enjoy this-- you can just come for the experience:

Sadaya is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
 Topic: Tapping Zikr
1rst and 3rd Saturday evenings at 6 PM  


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 880 5005 4795
Passcode: 502786

Housekeeping Notes:
I believe my most recent techy travails are all solved! Alhamdullellah!
We keep this short and potent!
note timeline:
6--6:10 is time to arrive and settle, orientation: explanation of points, words and any questions
6:10--7PM the full on tapping zikr.

If you want to chat, meet people at the meeting or anticipate any of your own techy stuff you want to test out/resolve, you are welcome to come early. doors to meeting will actually open at 5:45 PM. 
Once we start in earnest at 6:10PM, I will mute everyone to preserve audio quality. 

Also, in support of those wonderful feelings that can come at end of a zikr and which sometimes evaporate too soon if people are trying to communicate in words, I will aim to keep everyone muted until 7:00 PM or at least a full 5 minutes after our closing of zikr when I will unmute for those who may want to stay and chat/say goodby. 

Suggested donation $10. 
Please do not stay away for lack of funds.
Offerings of any amount gratefully accepted when abundance allows  
Payment easiest via link: 

* Anyone who donates will be sent special link to a recorded tapping zikr after event.

**All beings of any creed or no creed, any color, culture, country, gender, orientation, condition, age, ability---All human beings Welcome to partake in our events as they are able and enjoy with no requirement of membership, only of kindness and respect. We are all One.