Subject: Special Additional Dance Event! and snifty calendar summary
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Special Additional Dance Event! and snifty calendar summary
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Dear Treasured Community of East Bay Sufi Camp, Sadaya's Dance Circle, and the Tapping Zikr:

Blessed Be! You may have read in last newsletter how I was asking for ways and means to let more people of all colors and creed and times of life know about our beautiful dances so they can enjoy them and they can be enjoyed for years to come. I was hoping for opportunities to share and for exposure. I got no email response to my newsletter, but out of the blue, I did get a phone call! I have been invited to share the dances at the:

Multicultural Wellness Walk Sat 5/28 (memorial day weekend):

 Sage Windsong will be there with me and we are so excited! 
You are welcome to come join us too, but they do want you to pre-register at 
note that registration deadline is Tuesday May 24th. 
This will be at Garin park in Hayward which Mona from Parks and Rec said is really beautiful.  
You can come for the hike too or just the dances.
  The hike is at 9:00 AM. 
w/playing and singing our songs from 11-12:30 as hikers are make their way back. 
Afterwards, Parks and Rec is even providing a light lunch.

The rest below, you have likely seen before but it has been edited in hopes that it may be in an easier form to absorb:

Save the date summary in calendar order:
on zoom:
Tapping zikr Sat 5/21, 6/4, 6/18 (usually 1rst and 3rd Sats same link) 6PM (scroll down for zoom link)
in person events:
Dances at the Multicultural Wellness Walk in Hayward Sat 5/28 
Dance Circle *Benefit* in Berkeley Sun June 5th
East Bay Sufi camp July 1-4 (early bird discount deadline 6/3)

East Bay Sufi Camp
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
 *Registration is LIVE for East Bay Sufi Camp:
 4th of July weekend 
When: Friday July 1rst 4PM- Monday July 4th 1PM
only $121 if register by Early bird discount deadline: 6/3
*please note: early bird is also deadline for scholarship or partial attender or other special requests
$151 by regular registration deadline: 6/25
Dance and Sing your prayers under the sun, moon, and stars 
with Sadaya and Friends
For anyone who has never been, East Bay Sufi Camp is a very rustic camp with running potable water and outhouses, but fully camping meaning you bring your own camp gear. We supply Sat and Sun dinner, while you bring your own breakfasts and lunches, and Friday night dinner. All dancing and camp life is outside. There is a pack list and more details in the confirmation materials, but wanted to give this heads up now for Newbies. 
Bismullah, in the name of the One who is Mercy and Compassion
the East Bay Sufi Camp REGISTRATION LINK:
register at:

*Feel free to email for any additional details or questions including re: covid protocols
or just to get on my email list for regular details
Sarvamangulum, Happiness for Everyone
Ya Fattah Ya Fattah Ya Fattah!

JUNE 5th Benefit Dance Circle in Berkeley:
Sadaya's next dance circle  will be back at for a one time thing at 
please note it does not feel like a basement at all! High ceilings, big windows that open, lots of natural light and fun to decorate. floor is concrete though so bring good shoes with padding if you need it. Depending on local conditions, due to being indoors and us singing, this will likely be a masked event---please email to be on list fo updates.
Sun June 5th 1:30-4:00 expanded time Dances of Universal Peace circle
Donation: $20 (please do not stay away for lack of funds. This is a special benefit** event. See details below)
Plus: *Sufi Summer Swap*
12:30-1:30 decorating and Sufi Spring Swap
4-5 Sufi Summer Swap and taking down.
*Sufi Summer Swap*:
bring beautiful clothing/devotional items and supplies, spiritual books and other treasures to give away and then find some new ones to claim for yourself. 
  All donations go to the Interfaith Movement for Human integrity whose motto is: All People are Sacred Across Bars and Borders. I love this organization and donate on a regular basis, plus have gone to a few of their in person events. I have also had the honor of donating some EFT sessions through them to immigrants in need.
They bring together people of all faiths in support of immigrants, refugees, and incarcerated and do really concrete and meaningful work visiting people who have no one to visit them, supporting families, helping immigrants who do not speak the language and have no one and find themselves behind bars just for being in this country, or are suddenly released with nowhere to go. They are currently making a pilgrimage to say prayers at each of the California detention facilities.
 This is their website:

special note: Sage's next Dance Circle in San Francisco: Sun June 12th(Precita park 12-2)

visit for more events in support of Love, Harmony, and Beauty Welcoming people of all colors and creeds. Black Lives Matter. LGBTQ welcome. We are all One. 

Welcome to join us for Tapping Zikr---a hybrid practice incorporating EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques acupressure for mental health and wellness into the Sufi devotional practice of Zikr (remembrance), melodic zikr style--mostly singing with some chanting as we use tapping as a means of rhythm and percussion, repeating traditional Sufi words about Love and Union with the One and infinite compassion. If you have never tried it--welcome to come and just dive in! More details below.

 Topic: Tapping Zikr
usually 1rst and 3rd Saturday evenings (and sometimes a 5th Sat too!) at 6 PM  
Pacific Time PDT this Sat May 21rst
Topic: Tapping Zikr
Sadaya she/her is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 847 4190 1578
Passcode: 595257
Suggested donation $10. 
Please do not stay away for lack of funds!
Offerings of any amount most gratefully received when abundance allows  
Payment easiest via link: 

Housekeeping and Details
We keep this short and potent!
note timeline:
6--6:10 is time to arrive and settle, orientation: explanation of points, words and any questions
6:10--7PM the full on tapping zikr.

If you want to chat, meet people at the meeting or anticipate any of your own techy stuff you want to test out/resolve, you are welcome to come early. doors to meeting open at 5:45 PM although I do not always land myself before 6. 
Once we start in earnest at 6:10PM, I will mute everyone to preserve audio quality. 

Also, in support of those wonderful feelings that can come at end of a zikr and which sometimes evaporate too soon if people are trying to communicate in words, I aim to keep everyone muted until 7:00 PM or at least a few minutes after our closing of zikr when I will unmute for those who want to communal Hu, stay and chat/say goodby. 

* A special link to a recorded tapping zikr for later use is available upon request.

**All beings of any creed or no creed, any color, culture, country, gender, orientation, condition, age, ability---All human beings Welcome to partake in our events as they are able and enjoy with no requirement of membership, only of kindness and respect. We are all One.

*** do not feel you have to be on time or attend the whole thing in order to come and enjoy.  It is okay to dip in while you can and always better late than never.

For more info on EFT/Tapping

For more info on additional Sufi Events including other forms of Zoom Zikr:

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