Subject: Ruhaniat Family Zoom Gathering ~ SAT MAY 14th@ 10:00 AM PDT
From: Sufi Ruhaniat International - Office of Pir Shabda <>
Date: 5/8/22, 9:44 AM

Join Pir Shabda & Friends
Ruhaniat Family Zoom Gathering
Holding Hands in Virtual Space - Part LII

Saturday, May 14th ~ 10 am PDT, UTC -7
Beloved Family,

~ Mark Your Calendar~

Please join me in welcoming 

presenting on the 
for the next
Ruhaniat Family ZOOM Gathering

After completing two full years of the Ruhaniat Family ZOOM Gatherings, Pirani Tamam will present for the first time! 

Tamam spent 11 years researching the most original Hadiths to bring the lives and stories of the women who surrounded Prophet Muhammad to life.

She is the author of two seminal books on the subject, UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad and FATIMA'S TOUCH. She is an accomplished fine artist, a dedicated poet, author, gardener, hawk whisperer, mother of two sons, grandmother of two, and has been my beloved partner since 1974!

See you next Saturday!

Much love,
H.H. the 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche with Tamam's first book
1. It is always so moving to hear the Sufi Invocation in many languages and from so many different countries, so we request those who are willing to serve us in this way, arrive to the ZOOM 15 minutes early to help us navigate skillfully.

2. ZOOM is constantly updating its program, so we request you check for updates now and regularly, to stay up to date with all the functionality ZOOM provides us as a group.

Saturday, May 14, 2022
1o:00 AM PDT ~ UTC -7
1:00 PM EDT

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