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my apologies for not including the link. Please see the full Zoom invitation below; all Zoom details are same as they were and will remain the same throughout. The original email is in the end.


And no, there is not and won’t be any dana for these sessions, it is not that kind of meetings.

(It is the “we are all in this together” kind 😊)


Love, Natalia (again, with any questions or comments please write to me directly, )


Every Tuesday, 9.00am PST, 10.00am Mountain, 11.00am Central, 12.00pm ET, 5pm London, 18.00 Berlin, 20.00 Moscow. 

Meeting duration - up to 30min. 


Topic: Sending Light Into the Winter, and Beyond

Time: Jan 26, 2021 05:00 PM London

        Every week on Tue:

        Jan 26, 2021 05:00 PM

        Feb 2, 2021 05:00 PM

        Feb 9, 2021 05:00 PM

        Feb 16, 2021 05:00 PM

        Feb 23, 2021 05:00 PM

        Mar 2, 2021 05:00 PM,

               etc. – on Tuesdays


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Date: Monday, 18 January 2021 at 17:34

Subject: [DHO-HC] Sending Light into the Winter, and beyond


The following is for the attention of the Tuesday “Sending Light…” group with Saadi and myself. Any questions or comments please send to me directly to


This session is always open to all Sufi mureeds of any order, or none.


*Zoom details will remain the same throughout*

Meeting ID: 817 0537 3985

Passcode: 793263

9.00am PST, 10.00am Mountain, 11.00am Central, 12.00pm ET, 5pm London, 18.00 Berlin, 20.00 Moscow. 

Meeting duration is up to 30min. 


Dear friends, 


The practice we set to do in October is coming to the end. The timing might seem strange, given all the continuing tensions in the US. However this practice was never meant to “deal” with the whole country’s situation, but rather attempt to influence a particular event, or perhaps a chain of events. We didn’t and don’t know which one exactly, we merely did what we felt “asked” for, trusting the clear direction on the inner plane. Now too the inner guidance is clear: that practice’s time is over.


This Tuesday January 19th we will do it once more, with the intention of releasing the practice for the benefit of all in the United States.


The fact that the energy flow during our meetings was, time and time again, so particular and so nearly overwhelming for us, gives us hope that perhaps we have indeed managed to move a needle some tiny bit.  


AND, having received such an obvious, at least for us, support and encouragement for that kind of a group work from the inner, we have decided to continue our Tuesday meetings. Mushahida is not an easy practice to do, it takes time and intention to even approach it – but if one wants to do it, one must keep trying. Strong meditators are not born, they grow themselves, practice by practice. Since so many people have persevered in practicing regularly and deliberately, it seems wrong not to continue with this work, especially in the times of a pandemic and ongoing disruption in so many countries around the world. 


As before, we will start with a practice in fana, to help connect ourselves with our teachers and guides, saints and prophets. After that, there will be two changes to our practice, from the next week.


Instead of focusing on one country all at once, we will aim to do a “progressive” Mushahida, by starting with the place where each of us are. Our first responsibility, that of the Sufi mureeds just as of human beings, is for the family, the community, the town where we live. Then comes our country. Our planet. In our practice we will aim to expand our heart awareness step by step, to include bigger and bigger areas, until our heart-spaces link in one joined field of Light, in the One Heart. 


We will not be doing the Healing Ritual in these sessions anymore. Murshid SAM specifically mentioned meditation being preferable to the Healing Ritual in times of a crisis (see an excerpt below). We initially used the HR to lead the whole group to the same point – to the point of the possibility of Mushahida. Now, as many people have acquired the experience of the practice, we will substitute the meditation on the Prayer of Light, that (allegedly) comes from the Prophet (see below; no need to learn, this is just FYI). That will be the step-by-step process to bring us all to the same point at the same time. 


In the beginning of our spiritual path we often do practices for “our own” self-soothing, strengthening, connection and so on. As we go on, we discover that all our practices are done for others. Or, to put it more precisely, we gain the understanding that there is no such thing as “us” and “others” and that whatever we do, is done for the benefit of the One Life. And that “the Sufi Work” is not about reaching some high state for oneself, but is in its essence an incessant labour for the betterment of humanity. 


Love and see you on Tuesdays, 




From Murshid SAM’s work “On The Healing Service,” Series III, Number 1:


“In cases of an epidemic or a plague it is better to have general meditations than Healing Services.

Such meditations help to purify the atmosphere and so benefit many instead of the few whose

names are called. Besides, all mureeds are not expected to participate in healing ceremonies, but

all may unite in the meditations. Besides meditation which quickens the heart is the best preventative

as well as an excellent remedy at all times. It is not wrong to hold meditations for the heads of

governments or leaders of humanity but the Healing Service is reserved for mureeds and friends of

the Cause.

Meditation may also be substituted for healing in case of a general crisis, when the suffering is

very wide-spread. It may also be substituted when Shifayat and assistants are lacking in magnetism.

Negative persons can help others through meditation, which is selfless, more than they can help

in any other way. Such meditation bears a certain resemblance to prayer but is more powerful as it

touches the heart. This attunement of the heart is most important.

Finally, meditation may be substituted whenever there is any doubt about the kind of help to

be proffered. Doubt itself indicates need for meditation, for when the intuition is alive there can be

no doubt. Mind-activity which causes disease cannot be its cure. The cure of the heart alone can be




The Prophet Muhammad’s Prayer of Light

(hadith attributed by AbuTalib Falihal-Makki)


O Allah!

Grow light/knowing in my heart,

light in my seeing,

light in my hearing,

light on my right,

light on my left,

light above me,

light beneath me,

light before me,

light behind me;

and grow for me light/knowing--

light in my tongue,

light in my sinews (muscle)

light in my flesh (soft tissue),

light in my blood,

light in my hair,

light in my form and appearance

light in my nafs—sense of self,

make this light flexible and strong.

O Allah gift me with the light

already present inside and out.



An approximate transliteration of the Arabic:























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