Subject: July 2020 = Bay Dervish News and a health update
From: Kiran Rana | Bay Dervish <>
Date: 7/30/2020, 8:33 PM

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“Love is the opening door. Love is what we came here for.” 
― Lesley Duncan
Dear friends,

Many moons since we last wrote to you about Bay Dervish and our activities. In the month of March we made a wonderful group journey to Nepal, returning just in time to shelter in place as Covid-19 roamed the world, changing the landscape of our lives.

In early July that landscape changed for us again. Kiran developed a sudden and serious recurrence of a cancer that he had almost ten years ago and was in hospital for a week receiving strong chemo treatment. The plan is for the chemo treatment to take place over six months, and Kiran should have some good days each month. 

Kiran is home now. He is eating, getting enough fluids, resting. The next round of chemo is August 18. We have been instructed to shelter in place with no one from outside entering our space. I think it would be great for him to Zoom with friends or talk on the phone.We have also set up a Caring Bridge account where we will share updates and you can also send him messages. Here is the link:
Site name: kiranrana2

For the next six months at least we don't expect to be doing any Bay Dervish programs, but Kiran remains interested in exploring questions and matters of Sufism whenever he can, so reach out if you feel like. Also, please visit for a connection to ongoing programs, weekly Thursday morning zikr broadcasts, and much more.

It is so reassuring to hear from friends at this time. We are hopeful and determined. Please send healing energy, or prayers, or any other juju that feels appropriate. 



Jeanne Rana
cell: 1-510-393-1852 like us on Facebook: facebook/BayDervish
[ Kiran Rana has been engaged with Sufism for 45 years and is a guide in the Sufi Way. Jeanne Rana is a poet and member of the Sufi Way and the Unitarian Church of Oakland. At the Bay Dervish center in Alameda they share approaches to the inner life, love, creativity and awakening ]
[ The Sufi Way is a mystical community
aligned with the ideals and teachings of the Indian mystic Sufi Inayat Khan, while drawing on the rich wisdom of many traditions. It is a contemporary spiritual path, open to all, emphasizing inclusivity, ease and life experience ]