Subject: [SRI - Our Sohbet] Weekly 40 min session of Sufi Breath and Sound Practices via Zoom
From: "Muiz Brinkerhoff" <>
Date: 8/11/2020, 12:05 PM

Dear Beloved Fellow Travelers on the Path,


Deep Peace and Blessings to you, and my prayer that you continue in robust health and happiness.


Following the promptings of inner guidance, I began offering a weekly, drop-in  Zoom session of Sufi breath and sound practice, at the beginning of May, for my own mureeds, and the group of others who have been drawn to what I've been offering over the years, here in northern California, in the UK, and most recently in South Africa.

Of the initial group of 30-some who expressed interest, we regularly have a group of around a dozen. I initially offered poll to identify the day and time that would include the most and exclude the least, from among the group who responded to the original invitation.

The sessions continue to be a deep and sweet gathering of Hearts, and a potent container for Presence.


Over the past few weeks, I've been prompted to spread the word, far and wide.

If you feel drawn to join us, either regularly or occasionally, let me know individually rather than posting to the entire OurSohbet list, and I'll send you the Zoom session details, as well as including you in my weekly reminder email, which I send out on Wednesdays or Thursdays. 

If we've never met, I'll want a brief email chat, so we both can learn a bit about each other, and our own connections to Spiritual Practice, whatever they may be, and for me to be able to have a feeling for your familiarity with the practices we'll be doing, and what you might hope to receive from the sessions.

My email is at the bottom of this message.


Saturdays, at 10 am PDT, California/West Coast USA Time ( UTC/GMT -7 )

Here's a link to a time converter. You can enter your city or time zone below the displayed California time:

Duration & Attendance Expectation:
The practice sessions last for 30 to 45 minutes.


There is no attendance expectation or commitment. The sessions are "drop-in" as you are able. If you have the time, please join us, and if you don't, you can tune in to us energetically, and draw the benefits of our group practice to you with your Breath.


There is no cost for these sessions. They're my love offerings to you. And, if you feel moved to make a Dana contribution, without negatively impacting your own basic needs, I'll gratefully and humbly accept it. Al-Hamdulillah!


Zoom Video Conferencing platform — session Link, ID, and Password will sent on confirmation of your interest in joining or possibly dropping in.


Session Format:
Some of us have been gathering 15 minutes early (from 09.45am PDT, UCT/GMT-7) for a bit of social interaction before we begin.


We start with a very simple, very brief, Check In -- Name, Location, and ONE word that represents our in-the-moment state, or what's up for us, what's true for us right now ... with no story about it, or context, or explanation. We simply share the one word, and we all hold each other in our hearts with love and support.


The Check In serves 2 intentional purposes: 
- an opportunity to tune in to each other more deeply, and for those whom we've never met in person, a reminder of our names, and where we live in the world.
- a bit of practice with the skill of quickly tuning in to ourselves, to notice and name what the Present Moment is for us.


We follow the Check In with a short guided visualization and breathing concentration to ground us, open more fully to Guidance, and expand our heart space to include the entire circle, then the Sufi Invocation, some Wazifa practice, and follow that with some form of Zikr.


I record the sessions and make them available for download afterwards, at my website.


All Love and Light,

Muiz (he/him)
Muiz Brinkerhoff
Santa Rosa, California, USA

+1 707-526-4905


Muiz Brinkerhoff
Santa Rosa, California, USA
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