(SufiPaths) 1.PLEASE STAY HOME! 2. Here's the recorded Zoom from yesterday

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Subject: (SufiPaths) 1.PLEASE STAY HOME! 2. Here's the recorded Zoom from yesterday
Date: March 23rd 2020

♥You will find information and links for yesterday's video meeting with Pir Shabda, on either Sufipaths.net or Ruhaniat.org. Further announcements will be posted there.

♥ I received this email from a member of a community choir I sing & play with -- please read and take it in -- Shafee

Dear Lovie’s, 
Thank you for your gracious and generous responses. I was not trying to ask for sympathy or help I was merely trying to get my point across from a more personal perspective. I had heard numerous Lovies  discussing hiking trips, trips to the store, drives in the country and other outings. It is imperative that we stop doing these things and stay home. The more you go out and do things the more resources have to be brought in and chances for the virus to be carried from one person to the other. Please consider this before going anywhere!  Let the planet breathe without cars! They had to close beaches today because they were overcrowded! A friend said he worked Napa Farmers Market and people were acting like it's a big party! He is going to stop selling! 
Please for a week or two just stay home. Enjoy your castle and flatten the virus curve. 

We can only do this together by being apart! 

I love you all, we will sing again, dance again, hug again and laugh again and party again! 
Blessings of good health, Dorothy 
Via the Love Choir


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