Added for 2021:

♥ Spring 2021 recordings: OZARK SUFI CAMP, MAY 2021

♥ July 2021 recordings now available: LIVING TRANSMISSION: THE RUHANIAT-EUROPE SUMMER SCHOOL in English & German, with Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz and the Summer School 2021 staff.

Did you miss an online Sufi retreat or Sufi camp, a special zikr or a gathering of Sufi sisters & brothers? They DO whiz by nowadays, don’t they? Or would you like to go over the teachings & practices over again? The links below will lead to recordings of many of our online Sufi events you may have attended — or missed — during this unprecedented year of changes, 2020.


      These are the biweekly gatherings of the Ruhaniat, with Pir Shabda, Pirani Tamam and SRI leaders & family. Inspiring music, prayer, meditations, teachings and much more. Includes the birthday celebration for Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927) from France and the US last July.

      Read the JUNE 2020 RUHANIAT NEWSLETTER, with excellent Commentaries From thirty-three of our SRI Family regarding recent US and worldwide events.

    • NORTHWEST SUFI CAMP, August 2020. Thanks to Wakil for posting this awesome collection of virtual camp videos! Sufi zikr and practices, Qi Gong, Kirtan, Soulwork, classes on gender and racism, and general merriment with Mariam, Khadija, Yahya and Raphael, Jamila, Omar and more!

    • SANTA CRUZ Virtual SUFI CAMP, August 2020 2020. Recorded in the midst of the pandemic and all the ambience of an authentic California Rolling Blackout. Music, prayer, dances. poetry and zikr. PESENTERS: Gitanjali Rivera / Fehrunnisa & Junayad / Kevin Karun* / Jilani / Vanessa Hafiza/ Karima / Petra Metta Kafiya /
      Anwar / hallel hollyblue/ Gigi NurJihan & Andrew Sarmad

    • OZARK SUFI CAMP May 2020 (NOTE: Tap link & then scroll down to find Spring Camp). A virtual weekend camp with Allaudin Ottinger, Firdousi Wyrick, Nuria Sabato, Murshida Rahimah, music of Hu Dost and others, Qi Gong with Habiba, zikr Allah and much more. Watch online anywhere, any time. Donation optional.

    • Love’s Healing Heart-Spring: Recordings of the RUHANIAT JAMIAT AAM Virtual Circle of April 30th are now available here: VIEW THE EVENT or if you prefer just HEAR THE AUDIO only. Featuring Pir Shabda, Murshida Halima and Murshid Abraham — big thanks to Farrunnissa in NC for hosting etc!