About the Sufipaths.net web site

This regional West Coast site is operated, and actually owned, by me, Howard (Abdul Shafee) Ballinger. My intention is to make available selected spiritual teachings, news and announcements of ...
  • the Sufi Ruhaniat International,
  • the Inayatiyya Order (formerly the Sufi Order in the West),
  • the Sufi Way,
  • and occasionally activities of the Mevlevi Order of America and the Sufi Movement
-- for the Bay Area of California, Sonoma County and thereabouts. Explanations of all of the above are linked on the SufiPaths.net website home page

I also curate an events newsletter, primarily covering the West Coast and sent occasionally, reaching a few hundred subscribers -- all of whom have chosen to receive it. (Here's a link to subscribe if you wish).

But let me make it clear, the content of SufiPaths.net is all my responsibility -- written or selected by myself.

I hope you find this offering to be supportive for your spiritual life.

Peace be with you -- Shafee


About the SufiPaths.net web project — 2 Comments

  1. A Friend Has A Set Of The Sufi Message Of Hazrat Inyat Khan- Books The Entire Collection, He Wishes to Sell Them. If there Are Any Sufi Students That would Be Interested. Please contact Me…

    • Hi Ron, DonnaHabibah here, we sort of met seeing one another daily on the RamNam Ark. I had a complete set, a few volumes slightly different, that I purchased for $99.00 long ago, and gave to a Sufi library in St. Paul, MN. I have really missed them over these past few years and would love another set. So, if there are not a hundred before me with much more money than I have, please contact me at donnamloney@gmail.com or 218 290-4251

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