About the Sufipaths.net web site

Briefly (I'm writing August 23rd 2020, smoky here in Sebastopol but no fire in sight) I'm just thinking about providing a little transparency on my site, about where it's coming from

This regional West Coast site is operated, and actually owned, by me, Howard (Abdul Shafee) Ballinger. It exists to make available selected spiritual teachings, news and announcements of ...
  • the Sufi Ruhaniat International,
  • the Inayatiyya Order (formerly the Sufi Order in the West),
  • the Sufi Way,
  • and occasionally activities of the Mevlevi Order of America and the Sufi Movement
-- for the Bay Area of California, Sonoma County and thereabouts. Explanations of all of the above are linked on the Home Page.

But let me make it clear, the content of SufiPaths.net is all my responsibility -- written or selected by myself.

I hope you find this offering to be supportive for your spiritual life.

Peace be with you -- Shafee


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