“Beloved Lord, Almighty God, through the rays of the sun, through the waves of the air, through the all-pervading life in space: purify and revivify me (or insert name), and heal my (or her/his/their) body heart and soul”

  — Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

Several Sufi healing circles are meeting on a regular basis in our area, joining together to send light and blessings to people in need of healing; check out the ongoing calendar and the Khankah SAM listings. And it is also of great benefit to pray or send healing light individually, on the voice or on the breath, to others. Importantly, our online healing list — for friends and members of the local Sufi community — is offered with several understandings:

  2. We focus only on the great power of healing, directed through us, to these individuals. We speak or breathe their full names — as these are the sound-resonances by which the divine power may connect with them, wherever they are and whatever their condition.
  3. We recognize that these people have asked, or consented(, to be on a Prayer List — either personally, or by email through another healing conductor.
  4. We do not seek or share information on what sort of problem they are dealing with. If we know them, we do not concentrate on their problem, and we do not talk with them about it unless they bring it up. We hold them in the Light, and visualize them in perfect health as God may will.
  5. We pray in any form we choose; we may light a candle, ask silently or aloud, or recite (for example ‘Ya Shafee, Ya Kafee’ or the prayer Nayaz (at at the top of this page) — as you may feel guided. Even a few minutes of sincere concentration.  More suggestions here
  6. We focus on the divine purpose, not on the outcomes or results we may personally desire. And so we release having control, and turn it over to the One.